Understanding Your Contract

Understanding Your Contract

Reading through and understanding your contract and your rights as a GSEU member is the most important part of being a member. If presented with a question by a fellow member that you cannot answer please feel free to use the contact form, thank you.

What is the contract?

Our contract is a legal agreement between New York State and GSEU.

What are my rights?

TAs and GAs have a legal right to a union representative at any meeting where you are being questioned by a supervisor/management that could result in any type of disciplinary action.

Issues in the Workplace

GSEU has the right to represent members when there are workplace issues. Typically issues are solved with an informal resolution, although in rare instances a more formal grievance process takes place.

Need A Copy Of Your Contract?

Health Insurance Benefits- What to Know

Learn more about your health insurance. Who Qualifies for Benefits, How much it costs, what is included and much more.

Leave, Salary and Raises

Learn more about your salary and raises. Your minimum stipend, fund monies, doctoral recruitment and retention, fee mitigation and much more.

Notification of Employment & Job Posting

When you become a TA/GA you should receive a letter of appointment from the University detailing the terms and conditions of your employment. At your university, each department must post information about the application procedure for Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant positions.