Issues in the Workplace

GSEU has the right to represent members when there are workplace issues. Typically issues are solved with an informal resolution, although in rare instances a more formal grievance process takes place. If you are experiencing a workplace issue it is important to contact your representative as soon as possible. (link to campus contacts) The most common issues are members face are: 

  1. Early Termination: Has your funding been unexpectedly cancelled? 
  2. Issue with Advisor/Supervisor: This can mean bullying, overwork, discrimination, or harassment  
  3. Discipline:  Official discipline in the form of either suspension or discharge from employment. It is important to note that when this happens you only have 5 days to respond in writing and request that a GSEU representative  
  4. Overwork:  It is understood that TAs and GAs should generally be working no more than 20 hours per week in their paid TA/GA duties. We also acknowledge some flexibility within our contract, meaning, if you work 15 hours one week, you may work 25 hours the next. But you cannot be consistently working over 20 hours a week. 
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