Health Insurance Benefits- What to Know

1. Who Qualifies for Benefits? 
Employees in the bargaining unit who are are at least ½ time TAs/GAs and have a stipend amount that is at least ½ of the contractual minimum stipend (?) are eligible for the NYSHIP Student Employee Health Plan. If you meet these requirements, dependents are also eligible for the health plan. Dependents are defined as a spouse, a legally separated spouse, dependent children, and a domestic partner. Please note that while GSEU negotiates health insurance for members, we do not administer it. For very specific questions on coverage, you should contact your campus benefits coordinator.

2. How much does it cost? 
2018 premium contributions are $16.79 bi-weekly for an individual and $104.58 bi-weekly for a family 

3. What is included? 
The NYSHIP Student Employee Health Plan includes medical coverage, dental coverage, mental health, vision, and prescription coverage. Below is a quick summary of the coverage provided, for more detailed information go to 

  • Dental
    Includes two visits per year, with a $20 copayment
    Includes up to four x-rays per year
    Includes up to two fillings per year with a $10 copayment 
  • Doctors Visits
    Includes up to 15 office visits per person per year at with a $10 co-pay, there are some exceptions that are not counted towards the 15 visit max. 
  • Mental Health
    In order to receive coverage for mental health or substance abuse services, you must get a precertification. This is done by calling the NYSHIP health plan at (1-877-769-7447), you then choose 
  • Prescription Coverage
    For generic medications, the co-pay is $5, and for brand-name prescriptions, the co-pay is $20
  • Vision 
    An eye exam once every 24 months with a $10 co-pay 
    Frames, lenses, contact lenses paid in full once every 24 months 
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