Take the 2019 Contract Bargaining Survey

Contract Bargaining Survey

Main Concerns

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Rank the following from Most Important to Least Weight
Stipend Amount
Summer Funding
Mandatory Campus Fees
International Student Fees (SEVIS)
Medical, Dental, Prescription, and Vision Benefits
Professional Development Fund/Downstate Location Fund
Length of Funding Package
Insurance and Quality of Life

Of the following which aspect of insurance needs most improvement.

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Additional Concerns
Monthly Expenses

Please estimate your monthly expenses for the following items to help us present the financial challenges our members face:

Additional Concerns Questionnaire
Do you feel that the Union should work to implement more protections concerning the relationship between advisors (in classes and labs) and students who work for them?
If yes, would you be willing to offer some anonymous testimony that might help us to craft better protections?

Have you taken out student loans to support your graduate studies as a GA/TA?
If so could the union contact you to discuss possible solutions to this issue?

Are you currently planning on starting a family or do you currently have a child?
If so could the union contact you to discuss family leave and childcare offerings?

Have you sought a second or third job to augment your income or to have enough to pay your bills?

Have you had trouble getting permission to get outside employment or a second job to help cover expenses?
If so, could we reach out to you for more details?

Are there any health and safety concerns in your work area? For instance do you have concerns about water quality, animal infestation, adequate lighting or access to technologies required for you job duties?
If so, could we reach out to you for more details?

Are you experiencing any discrimination or feelings of marginalization at work?
If so, could we reach out to you for more details?
Member Information
Your Name
Have you signed a union membership card?
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Have you met with your union representatives or ever attended a membership meeting or union social event?
Are you a Domestic or International student?
Are you active in your campus or department GSA?
The only way to ensure we are able to maintain and increase salary and benefits is for GAs and TAs to participate in the process. Would you be willing to (check all that apply):
Comments and Concerns

Please comment on any other issues that you would like to see addressed in bargaining this year. In the space provided below please offer us any additional feedback you think might help us to negotiate a contract that better reflects your own interests and concerns. If you have innovative ideas for how we might better serve members or concerns about issue not touched on in this survey please let us know.