CWA 1104 GSEU to join the huge "One Voice United" Rally for Public Education

Posted on: 
June 8, 2013

The leadership of CWA 1104 GSEU met and voted to endorse and participate in this historic rally. The fight for our future steps up this Saturday, June 8th from 12 noon to 2 pm in Albany at the New York State United Teachers One Voice United rally. 
We are asking all our brothers and sisters to take the time and commit their voice to our children's and student's future at the Empire State Plaza. 
Between teacher and school cutbacks and the attack on SUNY, we need all the support possible to secure a constructive and nurturing environment for our students. Standing together now for our students will send a message to young and old alike that education is second to nothing in the Empire State. 


Fight for the Future of Public Education
Saturday, June 8, Noon - 2 p.m.
Empire State Plaza, Albany

CWA 1104 GSEU will be meeting at 182 Washington Avenue in Albany at 11 am.
All members will be given t-shirts!


We encourage all CWA 1104 GSEU members, NYSUT members and all union educators, parents, students and community activists to come to Albany on June 8 to speak with one voice to fight for the future of public education. 

There will be entertainment and speakers representing parents, teachers and various other groups to highlight the major issues that need to be addressed to help our students and our schools:

 •     End the over-reliance on expensive corporate developed tests!
 •     Demand fair and equitable funding of our schools!
 •     Protect the safety of students and staff!
 •     Restore local control of our public schools! Fix the Tax Cap!
 •     Invest in public higher education and save SUNY Downstate Medical Hospital!


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