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Help GSEU Pass Our Paybill!

Posted on: 
June 17, 2014

Help GSEU Pass Our Paybill!
Call your elected officials to help pass GSEU's paybill before the legislative session ends!

Dear GSEU members and allies,

GSEU is almost finished negotiating our 2014-2016 contract. Our negotiations included a soft promise by the state to grant a paybill which would appropriate the money for the raises and funds in our new contract.

Current GSEU Campus Representatives

Posted on: 
May 15, 2014

Here is the list of representatives of the GSEU at Stony Brook for the Spring 2014 semester. Please feel free to contact your department's representative ("DM"), or the business agent, chief stewards or organizer, with any questions or comments regarding the union and your employment as a TA/GA. We're all enthusiastic about helping members with inquiries and workplace issues, and are also happy to help our members get active in the union during contract negotiations!

Business Agent / Selin Gonen / Economics /

GSEU Membership Fuels May Day Free University 2014!

Posted on: 
May 5, 2014

The GSEU and May Day Coalition of Stony Brook are proud to announce the success of this year's May Day Free University! Along with students and labor rights activists from around the country, Stony Brook participated in International Workers Day by advocating on behalf of university labor. GSEU joined together with the CSEA and PEF unions, faculty members, undergraduates and community members to oppose exploitation of students and workers.

See more photos from the event here:

GSEU Letter in Protest of University Fee Increases

Posted on: 
April 1, 2014

The Graduate Student Employees Union at Stony Brook has created and released a letter of opposition in response to university administration's recent announcement that student fees will, once again, be increased this semester. Read our letter below, and consider sharing with friends and colleagues! Find our contact information below to reach us for more information, to get involved in the union, or to comment on our letter.

An open letter to Stony Brook University students, workers, and administration:

Graduate Student Employee Fee Use Survey

Posted on: 
February 18, 2014

Teaching and Graduate Assistants are concurrently graduate students at Stony Brook University and employees of New York State. As students, TAs and GAs are required to pay university fees despite any tuition waivers that are associated with their funding. This dynamic essentially reduces the salary of TAs and GAs through charging fees at their workplace. The GSEU advocates on behalf of TAs and GAs, and therefore takes the position that GSEU members are employees first and, therefore, shouldn't have to pay university fees.


Posted on: 
November 6, 2013

Thanks to all of the GAs and TAs who stopped by yesterday's first GSEU Grade-In! The event was a great way to draw attention about the type of work that TAs and GAs do, and how important it is to our campus community. This was a great way for us to get ready for contract negotiations, which will begin soon!

GSEU Workload Survey for TAs and GAs

Posted on: 
October 25, 2013

Check out GSEU's Workload Survey online! We're asking all TAs and GAs to complete the survey, either online or by contacting us to request a hard copy. The Workload Survey will help us locate and resolve the overwork issues that are so common to GSEU members at Stony Brook.

Solidarity with Turkey: The Turkish GSEU Business Agent Reflects on the Gezi Park Protests

Posted on: 
June 12, 2013

Stony Brook's GSEU Business Agent, Selin Gonen, is one of many Stony Brook TAs who come from Turkey. She is currently located in Turkey for the summer, and has written a piece for us about her reflections on the protests in Gezi Park:

CWA 1104 GSEU to join the huge "One Voice United" Rally for Public Education

Posted on: 
June 8, 2013

The leadership of CWA 1104 GSEU met and voted to endorse and participate in this historic rally. The fight for our future steps up this Saturday, June 8th from 12 noon to 2 pm in Albany at the New York State United Teachers One Voice United rally. 

May Day Action to Ask President Stanley Why Stony Brook Spent Over $1 Million to Lobby for Tuition Control

Posted on: 
May 1, 2013
See video

During GSEU's May Day 2013 Free University and Rally, many of our members and supporters marched into the administration building to deliver tons of letters that Stony Brook students, faculty and TA/GAs signed. In our letters, we asked President Stanley why the Stony Brook University administration spent over $1 MILLION lobbying the state to hand over control of tuition to the university. This is a clear move toward privatizing Stony Brook, which has historically been a SUNY school. GSEU members don't agree with privatizing SUNY, and neither should you!


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