Message from the President


Updated June 13, 2011

We have met a crossroad with the SUNY System in the State of New York!  Our Union has come to the decision that the current administration is more about them than about you. All of you have met your obligation and have taught your respective classes and have lived up to the contract that was negotiated for the period from 2007 to June 2010. New York State has done just the opposite. This contract covers the terms of three governors and none of them has the integrity to follow through with what they have negotiated. CWA Local 1104 has worked to convince the leadership in each administration that we are sympathetic to their problems and that no one is getting rich on these contracts. But we all need to survive. An average of $12,000 a year doesn’t make it in New York, we want our fair share. Survival is based on the minimal wage increases that we negotiated and the facts are clear, SUNY is the only entity that is making money for New York State.  As a Union, we have decided to spend a significant amount of money and bring our story to the forefront so that all the voters, taxpayers and stakeholders in New York State know our plight and the dishonesty of the current administration. We will tell our story on radio stations and newspapers across the Empire State and will also continue to work with the media across the state. I would ask that each and every one of you share this information not only with each other, but with all the State Senators and State Assembly members. Our voice needs to be heard loud and clear " SUNY DOESN'T WORK WITHOUT US". Keep the pressure on because you are the future and you deserve the respect of the Governor’s office and all the politicians who allegedly protect and serve us. as does your union who spends thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours keeping our alleged friends in office.  The CWA and you need a friend in the Governor’s office and so far Andrew Cuomo hasn't held up his part of the bargain. The State bargained a contract; they signed it now it's time for them to pay us. We are not asking for anymore than we bargained for, we are just asking to be treated with a little dignity and respect. Call your State lawmakers and the Governor Cuomo today at (518) 474-8390



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