Fee Mitigation Check and Fee Payment Testimonials for Contract Negotiations

Posted on: 
April 16, 2016

Fee Mitigation Fund Check:

 All currently employed TAs and GAs either should have received a separate check from UB, or should be receiving a separate check from UB very soon.  This is part of the GSEU Fee Mitigation Fund.  All TAs and GAs will receive $15.86 per credit hour.

Fee Payment Testimonials for Contract Negotiations:

Our contract negotiations with New York State begin on May 5th, and we’d like your input. Specifically, we’re looking for testimonials from GSEU members about the impact that student fees have on your finances. We’re tired of having to pay fees to our employer, so if you have a horror story to share, we’d love to hear it (and bring it with us to the bargaining table. Please send your testimonials to Business Agent Juhi Roy (juhiroy@gmail.com).



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